Template:Infobox VG Urban Runner is a computer game developed by Coktel Vision and produced by Sierra Entertainment in the mid-1990s. The game is a movie adventure spanning four CD-ROMs controlled by a mouse, divided into Clue and Actions turns.[1] The player character is Max (played by Brandon Massey), an American journalist in Paris, covering a story about a drug dealer shielded by an influential politician. To get the drug lord talking, the player offers him photographs, but when the player arrives he is dead, and the player is framed for the murder.

Urban Runner was not too popular at the time due to high graphics and monitor resolution requirements - 640x480, 256 color was minimum, for best quality - 640x480, 32bit colors; there are very few reviews that have been released about the game.


You are Max, an American journalist in Paris. There seems to be a story at hand, about a big drug dealer who is covered by some influential person in politics. To get the dealer talking, you offer him a photography in exchange for some information. But when you get there, the drug lord is dead and everyone's on your back - mistaking you for the killer.

The game itself is a movie adventure on four CD-ROMs, dividing gameplay in Clue- and Action-turns. You can control the game completely via mouse.


Newer machines have trouble running this software but it is possible to install and run on newer OS's and faster computers.

Windows VistaEdit

1.) Change the "Compatibility" options under "Properties" of the setup executable files to Windows 95.
2.) Run the setup.exe file from the helper application written by Ayumi[2].
3.) Once installed, change the "Compatibility" "Properties" of the game executable (wloader.exe) to Windows 95 as was done for setup.exe.


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  2. Older Sierra games' helper installation program[1]

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