USS Blackhawk is a Coarsegold-class nuclear attack submarine equipped with Electronic Noise Cancellation Transducer. It was launched in 1997 and commissioned in 1999.

It was Captained by Jonathan Hawkins and participated in the operation "Iceman" during which Commander John Westland served as Executive Officer.


Engine room

The engine room of Blackhawk housing the Electronic Noise Cancellation Transducer


The reactor room

Torpedo room

Torpedo room

4000 Tons
150*25*25 ft.
1 Hyper Dyne pressurized-water cooled S6G reactor
Electric engine produces 65000 shaft horse power and 50knots (submerged)
60+ submerged
8 Harpoon Active Radar Homing to 150 NM at 0.9 mach
Warhead 500 LB
4-21’’ tubes midships.
Sting Ray 8; active/passive sonar homing range (35 nm) at 90 knots; warhead 587 lb; depth to 2950'.
Total of 26 weapons can be tube-launched: possible combo: 8 tomahawk, 4 harpoon, 14 torpedoes
Decoys; Emerson Electric MK2; Torpedo Decoy ESM; BRD-7; Direction finding WELR-12; Radar Warning WLR-9A; Intercept
UYK-7 Computer
MK 117 Mod 10 Torpedo Fire Control System
Fitted with WSC-3 Satellite Communications Transceiver
Surface search/navigation/fire control: Sperry BPS 15A; I/J Band
IBM BQQ 5D; Passive/active search and attack; low frequency
Ametec BQS 15; active close-range with ice detection; high frequency

Course during the Iceman operationEdit

  1. Set sail from Pearl Harbor
  2. 30,170: review orders and set course. Contact with a French Frigate which gave 2 messages: one for contacting the fisherman, and one notifying about Russian ships patrolling the Bering Sea
  3. 65,170: Battle with a Russian destroyer and receive two messages, the first one is about contacting the agent once you reach Tunisia and the other is an order about not reaching surface after you cross the pole.
  4. 72,170 (Bering Straits)
  5. 80,120: Pass icebergs
  6. 86,86 (Ice Station)
  7. 85,15: Contact Ice Station. The Washington message is instructions on how to contact the ship USS Coontz at 36,12 to guide through the straits. The CIA message suggests a diversion by destroying an oil rig.
  8. 83,2 (Greenland Sea)
  9. 65,23 (Past the Denmark Strait)
  10. 60,30: Encounter of a Russian sub near Reykjanes
  11. 36,12: Contacting Coontz which guides the Blackhawk through the Straits of Gibraltar
  12. 33,-13: Arrival at the coast of Tunisia. The Executive Officer leaves the sub.