This is a detailed explanation on how to play and what to expect in Red Baron. If you're looking for a general entry on this game, please head to Red Baron.

Red Baron has been considered one of the greatest Flight Simulators covering World War I and named #4 on Computer Gaming World's Best Games of All Time list. There were competitors -- such as Wings of Glory, Knights of the Sky and Flying Corps -- but they never enjoyed the same level of success.

Game ControlsEdit

Flight StickEdit

While Red Baron can be controlled with a keyboard or a keyboard, using a joystick or flight stick is highly preferable. Most of Red Baron's functions can be performed using a flight stick, which not only enhances the feel of the game, but makes piloting much easier.

If a flight stick is on hand, the following controls should correspond:

  • Trigger - Fires Machine Guns. Use in short bursts or the guns could temporarily jam (if game settings are set to allow it).
  • Hat Switch - Change pilot's viewpoint. With the Hat it's possible to look to the left, right and rear.
  • Throttle - Changes airspeed.

The flight stick itself has several functions as well, all involving flight dynamics, which are necessary to understand and learn when piloting an aircraft. If one twists the stick left or right, that forces the aircraft to yaw. The plane will ascend or descend when its pitch is changed by pushing forward or pulling back on the stick. If the stick is turned left and right (without twisting it), the plane will roll.


Options & SettingsEdit

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