Iceman was a well-conceived convert operation in order to rescue the Ambassador Richard Loyd kidnapped by the organization of Jaharah Khommini Sieb Abdul.

The first stage of the operation concerned the arrival of the US 7th Fleet in the Mediterranean in response to the Soviet naval buildup in the area. However this was only a diversion. Commander John Westland due to his outstanding past performances was assigned to USS Blackhawk Captained by Jonathan Hawkins, with which he would meet at Pearl Harbor.


The chart with the route of USS Blackhawk

From there, Westland set a course heading 30° lat. and 170° long and then opened a briefcase with further orders: navigate the Bering Sea, Bering Straits, Arctic Ocean, Greenland Sea, Denmark Strait, proceed south through the North Atlantic, east through the Straits of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, guided by the USS Coontz.

The ship should arrive at Mediterranean at 21,36 no later than 7:00 January 29th. The Blackhawk would come to periscope depth at 9:30 for further coded messages.

Then the Executive Officer would contact a fisherman and rendezvouz with a female CIA agent at 10:00 hours. Bagdad's Fast Foods should be used to infiltrate the terrorist hideout and USS Saratoga would receive the escapees.

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